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about us

We are cinema shot specalists.

We are a team of passionate filmmakers and camera people who take existing cinema rigging and synthesize it with cutting edge gimbal technology to create dynamic and unique camera direction.

We seek to empower storytellers, directors, producers, cinematographers, and photographers with our systems, experience and unique point of view.

Combined, we have over 15 years of experience in specialty camera rigging, cinematography, still photography and image capture.  

FLYSPEED: make your perfect shot.

Flyspeed is a cinematic, affordable, versatile camera support ecosystem



rigs and operating

FLYSPEED seeks to change the industry perception of the gimbal. We see it as one of the most versatile camera platforms around. Our ecosystem allows for several different platforms of shot creation from drone, to camera car to jib in a matter of minutes saving precious set time.


1. handheld - single operator

The Most basic form of operating is the single operator mode.  In this mode the gimbal operator has full control of both the pan and tilt of the rig.  with our assisted lifitng exo skeleton the single operator can operate the gimbal for longer periods of time without fatigue. 

USES:  Steadicam style walk and talks, Documentary footage, Content grabs, Music videos, Commercials, Narrative, live events and coverage, Basic floating stablilized shots.


2. handheld / mounted - dual operator

The dual operator handheld and mounted system works the same as the single operator with the exception that the camera operator or DOP is controlling the pan and tilt of the gimbal wirelessly from a video feed.  The operator has three control options (wireless wheels, wireless MIMIC pan bar or wireless joystick .  This delegation of operating allows for the person carrying the rig to focus on the movement of the camera and allows the remote operator to focus on the camera's framing.   When mounted, the system acts similar to a remote hot head and can be mounted on dollies, cranes, sliders etc.   Wireless comm's headsets are also used to keep communication flowing and the shot working

USES:  Steadicam style walk and talks, Commercials, Narrative film, Music Videos, Car work, Precision oriented framing and moves. Traveling over wide objects  


3. flyjib and Flyjib Heavy - dual operator

Our FLYJIB system can work anywhere between 4-20 feet given speedrail available on site.  They FLYJIB can be setup in under 30 minutes and with existing parts on a grip truck.  The FLYJIB can also be mounted to a conventional dolly or crab base with or without track for added camera articulation.  Our unique speedrail based design allows for the smallest packdown of any jib on the market and can easily be traveled around the world where speedrail is available.  For larger applications and more rough terrain we recommend FLYJIB HEAVY which can accept our flowcine black isolator system giving the best stablization possible.  This system can also be mounted in the back of a larger vehicle for ultimate arm style shots.  

USES:  Crane and or Dolly Shots, Commercials, Narrative film, Music Videos, Car work, High vantage point shots, Birdseye top down shots, Ultimate arm style driving shots


4. camera car - dual operator plus driver

Our camera car system is perfectly setup for your next car shoot.  The system can be mounted either in the front for chasing or the back for following and we have been able to reach speeds up to 85 MPH.  The camera system is fully self enclosed allowing for quick re positioning without having to re-run cables or wires.  The system also features wireless control wheels as well as joystick operation.  We have two vehicles to offer.  Our jeep rig is made for more offroad territory and can seat the driver, operator, cinematographer and camera assistant.  For more on road and beauty driving we offer a 2016 Toyota 4 Runner that can seat up to 7 people.  Pair a pickup truck with our FLYJIB HEAVY and achieve ultimate arm style shots for a fraction of the cost.  FLYSPEED is also happy to offer professional stunt drivers with over 40 years of experinece and knowledge at your service.  

USES:  Fast Precise Car work, Commercials, Music Videos, Narrative



Flyspeed Camera Systems partners with UaVantage to offer a Full Alta 8 Heavy Lift Package for Movi Pro and Builds up to 20lbs. our pilot at UAVantage is fully section 107 compliant with c-class airspace certification and night operations thru the FAA. For international travel we coordinate with local airspace and government to stay fully compliant wherever the shoot takes us. For smaller drone we also offer the latest in smaller cinema drones like DJI's inspire 2 with S35 x7 camera and full 6K RAW capabilities.

USES: Aerial shots, VFX plates,  Car work, Athletic and sports work, Live Events



Our FLY-CAR system is a small fast platform used to catch unique low angle running or tracking shots.  the FLY-CAR is capable of speeds up to 55mph depending on gimbal payload. and has upgraded steering servos, shocks and 4 wheel drive with power steering.  Both front and rear FPV cameras also keep the driver and operator in check.  The FLY-CAR is also a perfect application for stunt work where a normal human driven camera car would be unsafe.  

USES: fast tracking or running shots, extreme slow motion shots, dangerous VFX or SFX shots, Car work, Athletic and sports work, Live Events


7. Rickshaw with isolator - Dual OPerator

Our Rickshaw system can make lightning fast camera moves that can sweep right on the ground up to 7.5' high. Our air filled tires are also designed to go on any terrain and are especially useful for fragile locations where a dolly or camera car would not be allowed or would require significant rigging protection.  the rickshaw can be used in interior setting as well and be built to fit thru most doors depending on speed and height.  From full sprints to slow creeps the rickshaw is one of our most versatile camera movement platforms. 

USES:  Fast Dolly Shots, Commercials, Narrative film, Music Videos, Car work, athletic and sports shots, walk and talks, live events


8. flyslider - dual operator

The FLYSLIDER is a moutning system designed to put gimbals on speedrail sliders, dana dolls, origianl slider, cineped ect.  This allows one person to focus on only pushing the camera while the operator can concentrate on framing.  For longer moves the FLYSLIDER requires minimal wedging and leveling as the head will self level the camera which allows you to focus on the shot, not the mechanics and time of setting it up.  

USES:  Commercials, Narrative film, Music Videos, Car work, Precision oriented framing and moves.  Macro and tight closeup work.  Television and narrative coverage






The core of our eco-system is Freefly systems Movi Pro and Movi XL.  For handheld and light camera work, Freefly's Movi Pro can accommodate up to 20 lbs (9KG) of camera equipment which makes it the smallest, strongest, and most reactive handheld gimbal on the market. For larger builds of up to 50 lbs and larger cameras with longer zooms our Movi XL works as the perfect stabilized three axis hot head mounted to a car, crane, dolly or rickshaw.  Both our systems are completely wireless, self powered and can fit on all of our operating modes and rigs. 




Flyspeed offers several different modes of remote operation and pointing control of the camera.  All of these modes can integrate with Movi pro and Movi XL
- Wireless joy-stick with full run stop, focus, iris zoom control
- Wireless control wheels with zero latency
- Long range wireless control wheels with zero latency for Drone work
- Freefly mimic mounted to a tripod for pan bar style operation
- Freefly mimic mounted to a handheld monitor for "floaty stabilized handheld operation.




Flowcine's Black arm provides added stabilization to our movi pro and XL. Designed to be mounted to a camera car, jib, dolly or rickshaw the Black arm neutralizes inertia and cradles the gimbal providing stabilization on rough terrain and in high g-forces.  The Black arms modular design also allows for it to be mounted to a dolly without the use of track and a rickshaw for tracking, leading, following and chasing shots.    




Flyspeed offers an automotive platform for our movi, movi XL and Flowcine Black arm for thrilling vehicle work.  Our platform seats up to 7 people and is fully air conditioned and designed for both on and off road use.  Flyspeed also provides drivers for both the camera vehicle and the picture vehicle with over 40 years to professional driving and motorcycling experience.  We also offer connections for smaller, specialty camera cars, motorcycles, and electronic vehicles for silent and indoor use. 




We have a vast network of specialist camera people with years of experience.  If we can't do the job, chances are we know someone who can!  Let us know the details of your shoot and we can put you in touch with someone reliable and knowledgable.




Flyspeed provides the highest quality in both video and focus devices for our rigs.  We use paralinx tomahawk transmitters and receivers for up to 1500 FT of range.  For focus we offer both an integrated focus iris zoom control thru the movi Pro and XL but also standard preston, bartec, WCU-4 and many other wireless focusing devices.